How can the Californian Redwoods grow so tall without falling over? Their roots don’t go very deep, yet they have withstood strong winds for 100’s of years! It’s not the depth of the roots, it’s the fact that they are intertwined with the roots of other Redwood trees. These trees never grow by themselves. They only grow in groves.

Haven’t you seen people that successful and resilient? No matter what storm hits them, they don’t fall? Why is that? Their “roots,” like those of the Redwoods are intertwined around the “roots” of other people. They live in authentic relationships with other people.

To build that resiliency in our lives we offer small groups as a part of our plan to renovate lives. As we participate in small groups, we are learning to intertwine our lives to weather the storms of life as we are growing together.

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