Who we are

Warsaw Missionary Church exists to renovate our community with the love of Jesus.

We are a congregation committed to God's Word and to building genuine relationships with each other. These two forces, God's Word and relationships are the foundation for renovating work of God.

The Warsaw Missionary Church started with a casual meeting around a picnic table in 1978. In 1985 we purchased the fifteen acres on which the church is now located. That casual spirit is still a part of all we do as we love and serve those around us.

We are a part of the Missionary Church denomination: “An evangelical denomination committed to church planting and world missions.” The Missionary Church worldwide has a membership over 206,000 with 1,800 congregations in 35 countries. Our denominational headquarters are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

what we believe


We believe that there is only one God. He created everything that is and keeps it all in sync. He wanted a relationship with beings that would choose to worship Him, so He created man. He is one, but we experience Him as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Bible

Throughout history God has revealed Himself to man. This is recorded in the Bible. Although the authors were human, the words they wrote are the Word of God. We rely on the Bible for guidance, wisdom and inspiration.


We were given the ability to choose and we chose to rebel against God and do our own thing. That behavior is called sin. It means “missing the mark.” Like a wobbly arrow, we missed the bullseye of the target, God’s best for us. Our behavior removed us from relationship with God. His holy nature is incompatible with sin. 


We were helpless to change our own situation. God spent time showing us that our sins need to be paid for with the death of a sacrifice. At just the right time, He sent Jesus, who lived a perfect life, demonstrated how to live and then died as the perfect sacrifice for our sin. But He didn’t stay dead! The same power that resurrected Jesus is available to those who give control of their lives to Him. We can live in victory!

The Church

The Church, literally the “called out ones,” are those people who have obeyed God’s call to leave their former way of living and follow Him. They live in community with other followers and live strategically to bring more people into relationship with Jesus.